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    The 2021 Outlier Game

    Just going to separate the results and put them here so it doesn't clog the Weekly Posts, and can easily be ignored by everyone except for Hammer and Mach, I'm guessing. Week 1 Outlier Game Results: Week 1 Outlier Results: QB: 70.76 - 71.58 ESPN RB: 33.3 - 29.7 WITLON WR: 66.6 - 54.4 WITLON...
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    2021 Weekly Fantasy Football Rankings

    WEEK 1! QB 1 Josh Allen BUF 2 Patrick Mahomes KC 3 Kyler Murray ARZ 4 Lamar Jackson BLT 5 Aaron Rodgers GB 6 Russell Wilson SEA 7 Justin Herbert LAC 8 Jalen Hurts PHI 9 Ryan Tannehill TEN 10 Kirk Cousins MIN 11 Matthew Stafford...
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    2021 Under % Teams

    Aaaand Week 1! The Under 20% Team QB Sam Darnold 6.3% RB Mark Ingram 11.0% RB Ty Johnson 6.0% WR Quintez Cephus 0.6% WR Hunter Renfrow 2.0% TE Anthony Firkser 13.9% FLEX Christian Kirk 3.6% DST Seahawks 8.3% PK Daniel Carlson 16.8% The Under 10% Team QB Carson Wentz 7.1% RB Darrel Williams...
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    What should Witlon watch today?

    A random arena show from the 1980s? A few All Japan classics? Timeline WWE? A more recent WWE PPV? A special request that Schisno will pull out of his ass? I should have around 3 hours. I'm not watching AEW or current NJPW, don't ask. Anything else is up for grabs!
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    2020 NFL Season, Week 17: Where Doug Marrone is finally fired!

    Sunday, Jan. 3 Games involved for the division title Cowboys4/0 at Giants4/0 — Brad Allen WAS Football Team4/0 at Eagles — Ron Torbert Games for wild card qualification Dolphins5/6/7/0 at Bills2/3 — Bill Vinovich Packers1/2/3 at Bears6/7/0 — Craig Wrolstad GB can only finish at 2 seed with a...
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    2020 NFL Season, Week 10: Does the Thursday game count if we all ignore it?

    Refs Thursday, Nov. 12 Colts at Titans FOX — Brad Allen Sunday, Nov. 15 Texans at Browns — Ron Torbert Eagles at Giants — Clay Martin Jaguars at Packers — Shawn Smith WAS Football Team at Lions — Alex Kemp Buccaneers at Panthers — Land Clark Chargers at Dolphins — Jerome Boger...
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    2020 Under 15-10-5-2% Teams

    The Under 15% Team QB Derek Carr OAK 14.8% RB Carlos Hyde SEA 11.3% RB Peyton Barber WSH 1.2% (Money, mouth.) WR Hunter Renfrow OAK 12.1% WR Danny Amendola DET 7.4% TE Ian Thomas CAR 2.6% FLEX Corey Clement PHI 0.3% DEF Lions 10.0% PK Jason Myers 9.8% The Under 10% Team QB Tyrod Taylor LAC 4.5%...
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    Witlon's 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings

    Week 1! QB RB WR TE
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    Current NJPW and everything else

    Edit: So Jeff Cobb signed with NJPW. That's something!
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    Current AEW Talk

    AEW...I care about this thread about as much as Jay Cutler cares about football.
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    Current WWE/NXT Talk

    So Extreme Rules is 2 days away...I guess? I haven't been paying much attention, but here's the card thus far... Extreme Rules WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler Universal Championship, Cinematic Match: Braun Strowman(c) vs. Bray Wyatt Smackdown Women's Championship...
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    Witlon's 2016 GWE List / GWE 2026 Talk

    So I got on the old laptop in the midst of my housesitting days, and found my list...or one of might not be the final, and I was definitely remembering a few things differently. I'll merge this into another thread after the discussion stops. So I had done a full write up of this, but...
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    What are music genres these days?

    I mean...that's...rock music?
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    The NFL Season Week 6: Schisno is lazy, so you get this title.

    Refs Thursday, Oct. 10 Giants at Patriots NFLN — Brad Allen Sunday, Oct. 13 Panthers vs. Buccaneers (London, 9:30 a.m.) NFLN — Walt Anderson Bengals at Ravens — Clay Martin Texans at Chiefs — Shawn Hochuli Saints at Jaguars — Jerome Boger Eagles at Vikings — Scott Novak...
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    The 2019 NFL Season, Week 5: Let us cut to the Chase...the real Daniel is here!

    Refs! Thursday, Oct. 3 Rams at Seahawks NFLN — Scott Novak Sunday, Oct. 6 Cardinals at Bengals — John Hussey Falcons at Texans — Shawn Smith Ravens at Steelers — Walt Anderson Bills at Titans — Brad Rogers Bears vs. Raiders (London) — Tony Corrente Jaguars at Panthers — Alex...
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    2019 Under% Teams!

    Week 1, letsgo! The Under 20% Team QB Matthew Stafford DET 16.3% RB Chris Thompson WSH 18.9% RB Ito Smith ATL 9.5% WR DeVante Parker MIA 10.6% WR Trey Quinn WSH 3.5% TE Tyler Eifert CIN 12.0% FLEX DJ Chark JAX 11.8% DST Seattle SEA 19.9% PK Aldrick Rosas NYG 17.9% The Under 10% Team QB Nick...
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    Witlon's 2019 Weekly Position Rankings

    Unstick time. Sorry it's late, busy day. Week 1 earlies. QB RB WR TE
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    Witlon's 2019 Game by Game Season Predictions

    Game by Game Predictions, Final Results AFC East New England 13-3 Buffalo 7-9 NY Jets 6-10 Miami 4-12 (Sucking can't make their schedule more difficult, unfortunately.) AFC North Cleveland 10-6 Pittsburgh 9-7 *(Defeated Indy in playoff tiebreaker) Baltimore 8-8 Cincinnati 6-10 AFC South...
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    The Pro Wrestling Match of the Day Thread

    Figured this needed its own thread so it doesn't barge in on the current and 2010 reviews and clog up the mega-thread. The idea is...1 match a day, on the anniversary of it happening (or being aired, in some cases.) A bunch of different promotions will be represented, and it's open to anyone...