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    CWS / ATL

    ATL: 2B Paul Reyes, 2.0 $300,000 2084 3rd (from CHC (N)) $1,000,000 in cold hard cash. CWS: 1B Smedly Butler, 2.0 $1,142,857 thanks for typing it BD ..I think you posted it in the wrong place but I got you bro
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    Kansas City Trade Station

    After hopping cities like Pete Davidson hops celebrity girlfriends, we have arrived! I guess. I don't really have an attachment to anything here, so everything is available except for Ryan O'Reilly and Cyrus MacDougall. I would prefer to deal veterans and major league roster types first but if...
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    Atlanta Trade Station, Year 2083

    First and foremost, I would like to trade 1B Tall Paul Castellano. A nice solid package of prospects, picks, youth, useful guys would suffice. I am thinking with the collection of prospects I have currently, I would like to acquire guys closer to the Majors or are actually ML ready...
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    CWS / Boston

    White Sox receive 1B James Machiavelli, 1.0 star, $5,500,000 OF Bud Boomer, 2.5 stars, $5 Million 5 million in cash (stuffed in Mach's fanny pack) Red Sox receive MR Sidra Holland, 1.5 stars, 300k C Kara Zor El, 1 star, MLC
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    Atlanta Braves Extensions of 2082

    SS Mr. Kruger - Try 6 mill per year x 4 years; if that is too many years, try 6 mill x 3 RF Jeremy Roenick - 2.5 mill per x 2 years CL Alfonso Fontaner - 4 mill per x 3 years thank you
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    Boston 2082 Extenderamas

    Boston offers: SP Joey Gladstone 525k per x 2 years SP William Slyder 500k per x 1 year 1B James Machiavelli 500k per x 3 years 2B Jason Krauser 3 mill per x 2 years CF Ned Flanders 3 mill per x 3 years RF Bud Boomer 1 mill per x 2 years
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    The Chicago Cubs Prez Wilco receive, SP Omar White, 3.5 prospect, MLC 1B Tobias Beecher, 5.0 prospect, MLC 3B Cosme Munoz, 2 stars, $2,100,000 LF Henry Jones, 2.5 stars, $5,000,000 RF Abe Luker, 5.0 prospect, MLC RF Scott Drake, 4.0 prospect, MLC Total: 7,100,000 The Atlanta Braves receive...
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    2082 Atlanta Trae Young the IV Block

    I am looking for a good OF. Does not matter which OF position as long as they field well. Anyone interested in Britt Slabinski or Douglus Furguson for undeveloped prospects, decent but nothing particularly amazing of course. They have nowhere to go on my team despite being solid. Veterans...
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    2082 Red Sox Trade Station

    This team needs a makeover. Looking for youth, prospects, and draft picks. 1B Paul Castellano 2B Jeff Krauser aka the OG Count Rims Pan SP Joey Gladstone Joseph Biscuit
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    Atlanta Extensions 2081

    2B William MacDougal- can you fix him from last season, thanks CF Walt Lloyd- 3 years x 2.5 million per
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    Cards get SP Joey Gladstone, 2.5 stars, makes money Braves get OF Walt Lloyd, 2 stars, makes money
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    SD / ATL

    The Padres receive ATL 2nd this year '81 ATL 2nd next year '82 SP Bolling vs. Sharpe, 3.5 star prospect, MLC The Braves receive CL Hal Jordan, 2.5 stars, $2,000,000 MR Noble Dunigan, 3 stars, $300,000
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    the real STL / ATL trade

    Cardinals @BD receive: SP K9 Roscoe, 3 stars, $300,000 MR Jc Martinez, 2.5 stars, $300,000 Braves receive: RF Michael Mosher, 5 star prospect, $300,000 MR Robert Sparkman, 2.5 stars, $300,000 SP Silvio Rosada, 1 star, $300,000
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    CWS / ATL

    White Sox receive 3B Jose Bengoa, 4 star prospect, MLC LF George Hartman, 2.5 stars, $1,323,000 Joe Crede Bowman Rookie Card Braves receive 1B Mr. Eko Tunde, 2.5 stars, $517,143
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    2081 ATL Block

    Vets available: IF Fry Lock or Joe Temple 1B/OF James Barney 2B Willie MacDougal C Yoel Romero Prospects available: SS Gideon V. Wainwright 1B Bottle Kids 1B Tobias Beecher 1B Britt Slabinski OF Scott Drake SP Conan v. O'Brien SP Craig Vincent Johnson
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    2080 Atlanta Braves Extensions

    Doesn't look like there's anything requiring immediate attention but I want to see what Groundskeeper Willie might want, 2B MacDougal- 5 mill x 2 years