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  1. hammer

    yankees 2080

    dave spritzel sp - 3 years, 4.5 mil per. if he doesnt want it give him the 3.47 mil for 4 years.
  2. hammer

    figure out your own draft grades... my top 93 because im not done yet...

    1. Trevor Lawrence, QB(1) Clemson 2. Zach Wilson, QB(2) Brigham Young 3. DeVonta Smith, WR(1) Alabama 4. Ja'Marr Chase, WR(2) Louisiana State 5. Teven Jenkins, OT(1) Oklahoma State 6. Penei Sewell, OT(2) Oregon 7. Kyle Pitts, TE(1) Florida 8. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB(1) Notre Dame 9. Rashawn...
  3. hammer


    atl trades: mario gula, 1b - 4 star spect john canley, 2b - 4 star spect nyy trades: lj shorty, cf - 3 stars, 30 mil jose conde, mr - 3 star, 1.3 mil alfonso fontaner, mr - 2.5 stars, 840k
  4. hammer

    2080 yankees block

    take some old stuff. gimme some young stuff. most all the useful pieces are on expiring contracts, so they wont cost much, and you wont have to keep them if they stink! spritzel might cost a decent bit actually, but the rest of them... meh, gimme something that might turn into something and you...
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    Free Agency Discussion

    are you fucking serious?
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    2020 NFL Season, Championship Weekend: The two best old guys and the two best young guys...

    bucs/packers - clete blakeman bills/chiefs - bill vinovich sure.
  7. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Divisional Round: At least the Jets have a coach.

    rams/packers - ron torbert bills/ravens - carl cheffers chiefs/browns - clay martin saints/bucs - shawn hochuli i guess im down to rooting for the caucacity of josh and for aaron rodgers to lose
  8. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Wild Card Weekend: Is it still Wild Card weekend with 100 playoff teams?

    footballzebras got real creative this week and it makes it impossible to c/p... bills/colts - brad allen hawks/rams - john hussey bucs/skins - scott novak ravens/titans - jerome boger saints/bears - alex kemp steelers/browns - shawn smith lots of degeneracy this morning out of me, i wont...
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    2020 NFL Season, Week 16: FUCK YOU DAN BAILEY

    fuck em
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    2020 NFL Season, Week 15: Something Witty.

    pun quasi intended Thursday, Dec. 17 Chargers at Raiders FOX NFLN — John Hussey Saturday, Dec. 19 Bills at Broncos NFLN — Clete Blakeman Panthers at Packers NFLN — Alex Kemp Sunday, Dec. 20...
  11. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 13: Last week of the regular season! Fantasy, that is...

    Sunday, Dec. 6 Saints at Falcons — Adrian Hill Lions at Bears — Clay Martin Browns at Titans — Clete Blakeman Bengals at Dolphins — Ron Torbert Jaguars at Vikings...
  12. hammer

    2078 yankees

    adam portillo - 1.38 mil for 3 years arthur curry - 3.03 mil for 3 years jack halcombe - 4 mil for 3 years... if hes an asshole about it, give him the 3.26 for 4. gracias
  13. hammer


    nyy trades: frito pandejo, sp - 2 stars, 2.28 mil jager meister, of - 1 star, 2.53 mil 2079 1st rd pick 2079 3rd rd pick kc trades: adrian morejon, sp - 3 stars, 15.32 mil
  14. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 12: Witlon gives thanks for Mike Glennon

    Thursday, Nov. 26 Texans at Lions (12:30 p.m.) CBS — Shawn Smith WAS Football Team at Cowboys (4:30 p.m.) FOX — Clay Martin Sunday, Nov. 29 Ravens at Steelers (1:15 p.m.) NBC — Ron Torbert Raiders at...
  15. hammer

    NYY - LAA

    Yankees trade: James Higuchi, 4.5 star spect 2080 1st round pick 2080 3rd round pick Hefewhatever Weihenwhatever, 2.5 stars, $16.5 mil Angels trade: Adolph Coors, 4.5 stars, $21 mil Wilmer Duggleby, 2 stars, $563k
  16. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 9: More pathetic teams on Monday Night

    Thursday, Nov. 5 Packers at 49ers FoxNFLN — Bill Vinovich Sunday, Nov. 8 Broncos at Falcons — Jerome Boger Seahawks at Bills — Shawn Smith Bears at Titans — Ron Torbert...
  17. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 8: 3 NFC East teams in prime time!

    Thursday, Oct. 29 Falcons at Panthers NFLN — Shawn Hochuli Sunday, Nov. 1 Patriots at Bills — Clete Blakeman Steelers at Ravens — Brad Allen Rams at Dolphins — John Hussey...
  18. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 7: Where the Vikings lose near 2 full rounds of value in 6 games...

    Thursday, Oct. 22 Giants at Eagles NFLN — Adrian Hill Sunday, Oct. 25 Lions at Falcons — Land Clark Steelers at Titans — Shawn Hochuli Browns at Bengals — Tony Corrente...
  19. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 6: Fitzmagic moves within a game of the division

    Sunday, Oct. 18 Texans at Titans — Alex Kemp Bengals at Colts — Land Clark Falcons at Vikings — Craig Wrolstad WAS Football Team at Giants — Brad Allen Ravens at Eagles...
  20. hammer

    2020 NFL Season, Week 4: The Jets and Broncos get Boger'd in primetime!

    Thursday, Oct. 1 Broncos at Jets NFLN — Jerome Boger Sunday, Oct. 4 Colts at Bears — Clete Blakeman Craig Wrolstad Jaguars at Bengals — Alex Kemp Browns at Cowboys — Clay Martin...