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    The Pro Wrestling Match of the Day Thread

    I'm only a month late posting this, but hey, better late than never? Originally written May 23, 2022. So I woke up yesterday morning with the desire to do a match of the day. It's been a while, and I figured I could just bang out something in 20 minutes and be done with it. Well, that's not...
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    Current NJPW and everything else

    Reading the G1 there any actually fresh matchup that can come out of the G1 this year at all? I haven't been watching or following for almost 5 years and it feels like the same batch of guys that were there before. As for the TNA show...I...well, meh.
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    Current WWE/NXT Talk

    I haven't rewatched it, but I was ***3/4 at initial viewing, and I'm assuming I'd stay in the 3.25-3.5 range on rewatch without the visceral nature, so that is definitely confirmed by your rating. Cheers.
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    Current WWE/NXT Talk

    And Meltzer went 5* for Cody/Seth. (I've actually seen this one, so...) Where you at on that, hammer ?
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    Current AEW & ROH Talk

    hammer Anarchy star rating from you?
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    2022 GML Dynasty Rosters & Rumblings

    Without kickers, we wouldn't have The Negative One in the weeklies. They are needed.
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    2023 GML Dynasty Draft

    Trade for them all. Please.
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    Current WWE/NXT Talk

    I watched Night 2 and wasn't bored (and also didn't get yelled out to turn it off, I guess that's the best thing I've said about present day wrestling in a while?
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    2022 GML Draft Discussion Thread

    That'll happen when either version of Kirk Cousins wins a conference championship game. So never.
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    Current AEW & ROH Talk

    It seemed like the general internet audience anyway was pretty much done with the 35+ minute 'epics' that they were doing at the end of the HHHXT era, and it was pretty clear that Cole was the problem, because Gargano and the other guys pulled it off great before Cole got the spot.
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    Current AEW & ROH Talk

    Not really a hot take. He's a poor man's Seth Rollins, or maybe a...clone of Seth Rollins? Perfectly fine for a tag team to do some stuff, but when put in a 20 minute singles match, he's just a guy that Meltzer and the faithfuls give **** to. (And that includes his NXT singles stuff, too.)
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    Current WWE/NXT Talk

    It's only a matter of time before Mach and/or Hammer come in to post and complain about it... So...Butch!
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    Nostalgia Wrestling Talk

    That's not Norman Smiley in 1998?
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    Current AEW & ROH Talk

    I mean, I guess that works if it expands the audience. I don't buy that it will, but ehhh... Most of these things that are being suggested are the exact things that most anti-WWE people (who would seem to be AEW's core audience, in theory, anyway) complain about, though. 'End the Brand Split!'...
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    Current AEW & ROH Talk

    The IWC people are already the AEW core audience. It's not introducing anything new with the ROH name, is what I'm saying.