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  • oh, CFL player, I'll allow it.

    Hill could be viewed as serving a suspension, so that'll make him eligible.
    March of 16, was he suspended? I'm inclined to let him in.

    Did Adams even get a tryout, UDFA, PS, anything like that?
    I messaged Nappy and Silverphin, no reply. Mazzi is out. Still can't locate BK or Teflon. Leroy is undecided on playing. We may need to fill 9 spots. Here's who I considered playable. I don't know if you know all of them. Can you rank them for me?

    Finsbuck - maybe if I email him, he'll catch on
    TractorTraylor - Quiet guy. Will make his moves, but doesn't converse
    Troy Chapman
    Finfangirl - active and talkative, but may have trouble with the extremely technical aspects.

    I still expect BK to play whenever we see him, and I'll give that newbie a shot, and I have a couple others to double back on so it's not that severe, but we/I do need to put in a little effort to finish this off.
    alright sir, just need your feedback on one small item. After that, just need a look over to make sure I caught everything and it's accurate.
    I shoulda gave up Rob instead and opted for putting Pryor and Jennings in. :sadwalk:
    I didn't see you Sunday at all and not tonight so far. Not that it's needed, just strange.
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